Looking for CNA course for 2 weeks in Riverside Looking for CNA course for 2 weeks in Riverside | allnurses

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Looking for CNA course for 2 weeks in Riverside

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    I live in Chino,CA and looking for any CNA course that i can get license in 2 week period. I do have nursing background from India, so i can pickup the topic really fast, i am studying for nclex on the side but i need a job in the meantime and everyone is asking me for cna certification.

    So if anyone know of any fast pace school/program near Ontario,CA that can tell me ,it'll be appreciated. Thanks,,
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    That's a hard one. Most CNA courses will take about 6 weeks to complete including clinicals.. Then you have to wait for a background check so you can sit for the state exam and then apply for the exam and of course pass both written and skills areas. Good luck!
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    On another note, if you are about to take the NCLEX To get your US license and future employers know you will resin to a CNA position, that might hurt your chances to get hired because they don't want to waste money training someone that will soon leave. But it could on the other hand open doors too once you get your RN license.