Looking for a mentor...

  1. 1 Do you of you have a mentor? Are you mentor to someone?

    I want one *pouts*
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    There are a few CNAs who have "trained" me over the past two months that have functioned as mentors.
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    There is a lady that I have worked with for the past year that I consider to be my unofficial mentor. If you asked her, she'd say she wasn't my mentor, but I fully consider her to be one. She has taken me under her wing and taught me so many tricks and demonstrated how to be a great CNA. I have grown so much just being around her. There was so much I thought I knew, which in reality I didn't.

    *I'm thankful.*
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    Some cna's love to offer help and advice to others. I have had several mentors at my facility that I consider very special people.
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