The life cycle of a CNA forum member - page 7

So a lot of the posts on here can get a little... predictable. From now on just use this handy guide to find out how many more threads to expect from any given member before getting to the good stuff: 1. Joins the site, finds... Read More

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    I love this!

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    I agree. It is the reason sometimes I take a few breaks from allnurses CNA boards. It is the same questions and comments year in year out. But, what can you say. It is one of the better job discussion boards out there for CNA. I come here even though I am in the middle of being a Occupational Therapy Assistant which will take me completely off these boards in a few years. But, for right now, I am a CNA. But still, I enjoy the nurse boards. Compared to the OT boards I lurk at, you guys have MUCH more fun!

    Now, my personal pet peeve is those complaining about looking for work when they use no paragraphs and have 50+ misspelled words. On gaming hobby forums, we call it "crushed by wall of text" ! Then... never post again!
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    Omg poop? My patients don't poop. That's normal isn't it? Well maybe they do but I just leave it for the next shift. After all they're wearing a brief, right. Dihhhh. *smh*
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