Just got called for an interview!!!!

  1. I have an interview next Thursday!!!! I'm ecstatic!!! And nervous! What kind of questions will they ask me? What do I wear? How can I prepare myself?
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  3. by   cardiacnurse12
    Just had two this week as a new grad. Google some sample nursing interview questions.

    Know about the organization, any awards, what they are known for, etc.

    Prepare a good description of yourself, your best qualities, why you are a nurse.

    Some questions: what is your best strength? What is your greatest weakness (difficult question; Google the best way to answer this question)

    Think of difficult scenarios and how you handled them.

    Why _____ organization? What draws you here?

    And there are more, a good Google search will do you well.

    Be confident, dress professionally, walk tall, and be genuine.
  4. by   Ally1982
    Hi Emily,
    Be prepared for questions that ask about how you handled situations prior to this position. You will want to show your strengths in improvising, adapting and possibly dealing with others whether school or work related who don't pull their own weight, are you team oriented but can you work alone, etc. Here are a couple of questions I was asked recently in a CNA interview:

    How do you work in teams, what did you do when a project didn't proceed as intended?

    Explain a time when you were in a group and what role did you have and the outcome of the project.
    Name a time that you had to go above and beyond your call of duty?

    Tell about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker? How did you resolve it?

    Tell me about a time when have you taken accountability for something that was your fault, and what did you do to fix it?
    In your mind, what is good patient care?

    And I wore a blouse, skirt and summer sandals. Business casual, no jeans, or shorts.

    Hope this helps..
  5. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    I would suggest you dress business casual, but not too casual. Summer sandals might be a little bit of a push. Stick with a closed toe flat or conservative pump. Skirt/blouse or pants/blouse is appropriate. Go light on make-up, if you wear it, and try not to overdo the perfume. Keep a smile on your face! If you have long hair, you can pull it into a ponytail or nice bun. Earrings no larger than a dime. Prepare a small portfolio that you can carry with you on all of your interviews. The questions Ally gave are excellent. I have encountered all of those types of questions on CNA interviews. I would type up the questions with possible answers and practice them, so that you won't have to think on your toes so much. Interviewers expect you to have to think a little when formulating answers but try not to dwell too long. Do not ramble. Get straight to the point. Most of all, remember, you are there to sell yourself, but you are interviewing the employer also! Good luck and God speed Emily!
  6. by   cardiacnurse12
    Also, bring several copies of your resume on a quality resume paper and hand them to all the members of the panel at the beginning of the interview.
  7. by   chas89
    I also bring a copy of my certification and my BLS (CPR) card. & if you apply to home health places, they want a copy of your drivers license & insurance info. if your going to going to different clients homes.