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  1. 0 I live on the border of two states. I'm on the NC CNA registry.There are a lot of job opportunities in VA for a CNA. However, if I get my license endorsed in VA what happens if I get offered a job in NC? Am I able to accept a position in either NC or VA? Will I only become a certified nurse'saide in Virginia?
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    CNA's aren't licensed they are only certified hence the name CERTIFIED Nursing Assistant. Not LICENSED nurses aid. Whether being on a registry in one state is transferable to another state I have no idea.
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    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I've always said I'm certified but other people say if I'm on the registry it means "licensed".You are able to transfer it. I know that for a fact.
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    If you are endorsed into VA, I think you should still be able to retain your NC certification. However, the best source for the answer to your question would be the NC BON.
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    You are allowed to hold active certifications in multiple states, however I believe VA does not share reciprocity with NC. I think in order to be certified in Virginia, you would have to take their state approved training and test. You can double check with the BON:

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