Is it mandatory to complete a CNA course to take the test

  1. Hello I am trying to get into a lpn program at this technical school in my area and the school goes according to points to enter into the program, Now if your a CNA you have somewhat of an advantage into getting in quicker. I really do not want to be a Cna(no offense) I just want to go further and become a lpn then bridge over to my rn. Now My question is there any possible way that you do not have to take a cna course in order to become certified as a cna? I live in the state of florida. any advice will be helpful. Thank you.
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  3. by   BabyGirlx3
    I'm pretty sure you would have to, in order to take the state exam. I would call a testing site near you and ask them. They would be able to tell you more information about that. I know I had to get my ATT before I could take my exam, and I could only get my ATT after I finished and passed my CNA class.
  4. by   CoffeemateCNA
    Per the FL CNA registry:

    "Q. Am I required to attend a training program or may I simply challenge the exam?
    A. Yes, you may "challenge" the exam. Completion of a state approved training program is not mandatory unless you have failed part of the exam three times. However, it is strongly recommended to attend a state approved training program."

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