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  1. Hey Guys,

    I have an interview for a Care Partner position (basically a CNA) What types of interview questions did they ask you? Interviews always make me nervous and I would like a lil input to prepare.

    Thanks guys!!
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  3. by   kalley
    I just had an interview last week for a Nursing Assistant Trainee position. Basically paid CNA training and certification. They asked me my best attribute, my worst, favorite job, least favorite job, and the one I liked best was how would you describe teamwork. Also how would I handle it if I had a confrontation or were uncomfortable with a coworker. Kinda the typical interview questions I guess. The interview went really well, I am just waiting to hear back from HR when they finish verifying my application information. Just be positive and real and all will go well.

    I have an interview tomorrow as an OB Tech. I am more excited about this because my passion is L&D. I will post back when I am finished with that one to let you know the difference.
  4. by   yousoldtheworld
    One thing I have been asked at every CNA interview is "Describe how you would deal with a difficult or combative resident?"
  5. by   ColtsMom
    I think I had the easiest CNA interview ever. They only asked me 2 questions. "What's the best way to prevent the spread of infection?" and "If an Alzheimer's or dementia patient is claiming to see a blue dinosaur on the corner do you argue or go along with it?"
  6. by   yousoldtheworld
    In questions like that, AND in practice, never try to argue with a dementia patient. They are actually seeing a different reality and trying to reason with/orient them can make them further agitated. Learned that the hard way when the first LTC I worked for advocated "reality therapy".

    Another common question is "Why do you want to be a CNA?"

    And "Describe a time you've gone out of your way to provide good customer service".

    In any answer you give, definitely stress the importance of respect, dignity, and compassion when caring for patients.
  7. by   Speed Freak
    Quote from yousoldtheworld
    One thing I have been asked at every CNA interview is "Describe how you would deal with a difficult or combative resident?"
    Answer: "And my concealed carry permit is for what? Kicks?"
  8. by   rancelumsden
    Based on my experience, Kalley gave you the best answer.

    I've posted before that I've had 3-4 careers, not doing the CNA thing until my 50's and have done over 100 interviews, easily, in different businesses.

    I cannot stress enough that you need to practice the interview questions --- yeah, talk to yourself and answer yourself. Based on your question, it sounds like you realize this.

    It's very difficult for most people to 'boast' about what they are good at and admit what they're poor at (or not as good as they would like). You need to be able to look at the interviewer in the eyes (no looking up/down or averting) and show you're giving a true answer, not formulated. A good interviewer can spot body language.

    Confrontation questions are common. Be aware that if asked something to the effect of: "What do you do if a nurse loudly complains about you in front of a resident and/or their family?" (correct answer for the interviewer is to not say anything at that time unless the confrontation continues and then you politely ask that it can be discussed privately, later and leave the area).
    (Real answer is that you're going to use your gait belt as a torture device :angryfire).

    Anyway, you need to be honest about strengths and weaknesses and be prepared for these questions --- they can make most of us uncomfortable and you want to be ready for them.