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In an LTC facility, the residents will often ask for hugs...I don't have a problem giving hugs! My question is an activity aide (female) giving hugs and kisses on the cheeks when the residents don't ask for it. Can this be... Read More

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    I've never seen a CNA that I worked with ever kiss a resident that we were caring for -- except for one. There was this cutest little gentleman, a dementia-ridden fellow who tended to give the staff a lot of heck all the time with his defiant combative behavior. One night it took two of us to get him all settled into bed, at which time he fell asleep instantly. I remarked, 'Ahhhh......they look so cute when they're sleeping!' which time my partner gave him a little peck on the head as she tucked him in. I'll never forget that.
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    Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism.

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    I kiss many patients on the forehead and or cheek and I jug everyone. I asked a crying family member who I found in the hall crying if she'd like a hug. She nodded so I gave her a great big one. I think it's perfectly appropriate when your caring for someone as long as its not given when not wanted.

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