Immunizations for CNA's?

  1. I plan to go through the CNA class this summer, and I know nurses have to have UTD shots... I imagine this is true for CNA's also?

    I have heard that some shots are done in a series that can take weeks or months. I'm concerned because I haven't had ANY shots since I was a baby because my religion disagreed with it on principle.

    What am I going to need, and how long are these going to take? And I have no insurance so.... how out of pocket am I going to be when this is done? (:

    At least I am not afraid of needles... sheesh!!
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  3. by   lpn2b2010
    When I did my CNA course I had to have a TB test done. I never had to have other immunizations to train, my immunizations were done and up to date.
  4. by   JaredCNA
    I didn't have to have any immunizations to train either.

    However, if you work at a hospital (not sure about a LTCF) as a CNA, they typically do blood work as part of the hiring process and if you come up low for a certain antibody...they will make you get the vaccine. I had a low Rubeola titer so I had to get an MMR vaccine even though I had all my shots as a kid.
  5. by   ScooterNurse
    Typically what need is a TD, MMR and the Hep B series. The hep B is a series of 3, but you don't have to have all three done before you start. You can get the first one and are considered "up to date" until the second one is due, which is one month later. The last is due six months after the first. You may have already had the series, depending on your age, but you'll have to have proof. Same with the MMR. Try your local Health Dept. Ours will allow you to be billed and you can pay whatever you can afford monthly, as long as you pay something. You may also need a PPd.
  6. by   gine21
    where can i get a free cna training in new york city or long island
  7. by   SimpleAsThat-RA
    With out medical insurance..I had to pay Hep B: $105 (each shot is $105 each..luckily I only needed one), TB: $25 and Chicken pox Titer: $65. And another $65 for a physical exam.
  8. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    It all depends on the school....however most do want to see some shot records.....If you don't have any shot records, they might do titers on you to see if you're immune to certain things...The Hep B is a good example that is done in a series....for my school, as long as you had the series started you were good to go...Unfortunately shots are VERY EXPENSIVE out of pocket....Now, if you currently work in a health care facility, most of the time they provide you the shots FOR least they do that here in California....not sure what state you're from...But your best bet is to contact the school...Good Luck!
  9. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Quote from gine21
    where can i get a free cna training in new york city or long island
    Look for schools in your area...You can look online...Try your yellow pages under schooling or something.....Free?...I have yet to see a program for CNA's that are free....Plus you still have to purchase, gait belt, uniform and books etc....
  10. by   Spritenurse1210
    hepatitis B, Flu, and tetanus are biggies.