I have a MMR vaccine question?

  1. I received a message from the nurse that the MMR titer blood test was negative for mumps. They told me I need another dose, but I already have documentation showing I have 2 doses.

    I have read on the CDC site that if your titer is negative it is most likely due to the fact that not enough blood was drawn to see the antibodies for MMR. CDC said that this result does not require another MMR dose.

    The Medical assistant disagreed with me, made me feel like a fool. LOL I am refusing to get another shot (financial wise) so I'll be getting my CNA papers filled at school.

    NOTE: The titer test was just ordered by my MD, it was NOT required for the CNA program.

    Am I right or wrong? I just need a little peace of mind. Much appreciated
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  3. by   LifeIsGood76
    When I had each of my four children I had to get a tither test to make sure I was current on all my vaccines (they didn't want me to possibly catch anything and pass it to the kids). Every single time, it showed that I was negative for measles, so after having each child I got a measles shot. This happened four times, lol!! I had all the records to show I had received the shot, but I still got it again to be safe. I'm not sure if my body just kicks out the vaccine, or if it just doesn't show up in my blood! It was so weird!!
  4. by   Esme12
    first we as per the Terms of Service we cannot offer medical advice....you will have to check with your provider/PCP.

    If the vaccine/titer is not required for your school than no one can force you to do anything. However you may eventually have to either get a correct titer drawn of be vaccinated as per the institutions protocol.

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