I am PROUD of you CNAs!!! My Thank you letter

  1. Attention all CNAs : I was once in your shoes! I feel your pain (physical and mental). I understand that there are some (not many, thankfully) RNs that are degrading, insulting, rude, and just downright crappy people.

    I cant tell you how happy I was to see you stand up for yourself the other night and put the temp agency RN back in her place where she belongs. Praise to you for telling her to fetch her own supplies! I saw how she was sarcastic, yelling, rasist, sexually inappropriate and overall INSANE with you all.

    Your courage and strong will is an asset to healthcare.

    Like I always said - Eat or Be Eaten.

    Dont feel like you were all alone on the battlefield. I had tried to talk with nurse ratched but I would have had more luck talking to a tree. I did email our boss and I side with you!

    NOBODY, N-O-B-O-D-Y deserves abuse (repeating myself in the rare event that said offender just happens to read this letter).

    I admire your strength and realism....seems to me that you all have a better sense of reality and life than some of us. I remember the pay --- it was awful, but on the flipside it keeps you honest, realistic, blunt and individualistic.

    Hats off to the CNAs of the world!!!

    I will ALWAYS side with you guys.

    Yours truly
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    Since I think this is very discussion-worthy, I am bumping this post.
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    I love this post. What a great letter to your staff! Such respect