How long  does cna license take to come from gov. How long does cna license take to come from gov. | allnurses

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How long does cna license take to come from gov.

  1. 0 I passed my cna course in California thru redcross at march 12 2010
    and i got a callback from a nursing home saying they need to get my license/expiration number to complete my employment process.
    I was wondering how long it takes for CDPH to mail me my certificate.
    Thx for all the help
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    This is a really busy time of year for the state because all of the Health Occupation students at the vocational schools are taking the exam. They get really backed up.

    I was hired and began working before I had received my "official" certificate. When I tested, I was given a copy of my score sheet which acted as a temporary certificate for seeking employment.

    I got my official certificate about 2 months after I tested. There are posters on here that had to wait a year or more for it.

    The process may vary in CA.
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    buuuut the place that are hiring me needed my license number even though i showed them my temporaries.
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    In that case, you may just have to wait until the certificate comes.

    Did you apply at a nursing home or hospital?

    Nursing homes may be able to hire you as a NA right now. Then, when your certificate arrives, you can be "promoted" to CNA.
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    nurinsg home
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    I had this problem too. Maryland provides all new CNAs,LPNs,RNs with a 90 day temporary license #, but it seemed like no1 wanted to hire me until I had my permanent # from the board! That took like 2 months to come through
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    government is so sloooow