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How long did it take you to find a CNA job? - page 2

I'm going to be starting a CNA program next month and I was just curious how long It took you to find a CNA job after you completed the program and passed the state exam. Any tips for finding a job?... Read More

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    i got hired at a hospital about 3 weeks after i completed my nursing assistant course. i had no prior healthcare-related experience except for this course and a bls certification. (as i understand it, hospitals are more willing to hired non-certified nursing assistants if they are pursing nursing degrees. so they may have helped me some since i am pursing a nursing degree.)

    my advice is to look for jobs right away and look for jobs daily as some of these jobs are not posted up very long.
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    I applied to a few positions last month even though I got my license in August. Luckily the 2 that I interviewed for hired me so they are out there and I live in a competitive area and I didn't have much experience. Both places are actually great places to work and good pay for the area.
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    It took me a while to find a job, but mostly because I wasn't looking as actively as I should have. Once I started looking daily and sending out resumes and going to facilities it was no time at all before I got hired. I only went to two job interviews and got hired my second.
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    Quote from Band
    My nursing program let me challenge the CNA exam, it wasn't through a CNA program or agency though; it took me 3 months. I just kept trying.

    Good luck
    I was wondering about challenging the CNA exam at WCC. I am applying for the Fall 2013 program. How far into the program were you able to challenge the CNA exam? I was going to do the CNA program in the summer but if I can challenge the exam that would be better for me.