How Does One Become a PCT in NYC?

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    A friend of mine called me this morning to ask me how he can become a patient care tech in New York City. He's not sure whether he is eligible to apply for NYC jobs that are seeking PCT's. He's a certified CNA in the state of Florida and is moving to NYC by Christmas. I do know that his CNA certification will reciprocate to New York state without an examination, which is good, but I was not sure if he would be able to apply for a PCT job with just a CNA certification. I did some additional research online and learned that PCT's are like CNA's except they have additional training in phlebotomy and administering EKG's - which he does not have.

    So I'd like to help him out with some info: Will he be able to apply for PCT jobs as a CNA? Are they distinct jobs in NYC? If so, where can he go as a certified CNA to obtain additional training to qualify as a PCT? Also, is it possible as well to obtain this training on the job? I think he wants to make sure he is applying for jobs where he would not be considered underqualified. Hope those of you in the NYC familiar with this can help out.

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  3. by   Miwila
    I would love to know the answer to this as well. I was browsing CNA jobs in New York and I noticed that, unlike other parts of the country, alot of the hospitals there only want CNA's who have been through a PCT program. I don't know if that means experienced CNA's have a hard time finding work in hospitals if they haven't taken a PCT course. It probably wouldn't hurt for your friend to take a PCT class before moving.

    If you don't get any answers in this forum, try asking in the New York forum.