how difficult is a CNA program

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    If I am accepted into this program I will need to work while doing this. I will probably work 28 hrs a week. Six hrs Tuesday through Friday and 4 hrs on Saturday. My class is Monday through Friday for 4 hrs. The class is 6 or 8 weeks long. I guess I am worried about how much studying thier will be it has been along time since I have been in school.
    Thank you for any advice anyone has.

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    I am currently enrolled in a CNA program - actually, mine is acute (PCT) and longterm (CNA) care, so it's a 16 week class. We meet 3 nights a week for 4 hours, and until last week, I was working 30+ hours/week and have a husband and 9 month old child. I had no problem keeping up with the work. I was laid off last Tuesday, so it's even easier now, though! The one thing I WILL say...we started clinicals this week - two weeks, 3 nights/week, 5 hrs/night (5-10pm M,T, Th)...and even being home during the day just taking care of my infant, I am EXHAUSTED by the time we're done. Working all day, then doing 5 hours of clinicals would have been difficult. But, at least you don't really need to study or do homework, or any of that during clinicals...just show up and prove that you know what you learned.
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    You'll be fine. IMO it's pretty easy. If you can read and speak english well you'll be fine. Just sort out some time to read your chapters and do you're homework.
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    It's easy. Mostly common sense. As long as you read the book you'll be fine.
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    Incredibly easy! You won't have a problem working and taking the class. Good Luck!
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    Its not so bad, at first it all seems overwhelming but then you get into it, learn a few terms and realize its doable. Good luck! Keep us posted
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    if you can read and write english you can pass this course. it's so very easy! the hardest part is vitals and if you have that down well the rest should be very simple. common sense hand washing procedures and the proper ways to feed and bathe a human being. you'll do fine! good luck!
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    Can't generalize as different instructors have different ideas of how much ground they want to cover in class and how much homework they want to assign. We had daily quizzes in order to 'force' people to do some reading and studying.

    I had a class with a similar timeframe to yours. I found that about 2 hours a day of reading, study and homework pretty much did it. For exams, more study was required.

    Basically, it depends on your study habits. If you slept through high school, got poor grades, didn't do assigments or whatever, then you'll have a problem with the class. If you did reasonably well in school and did your homework, then no worries with CNA class.
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    Thanks for your input. I actually just finished my CNA class last Thursday. Will do my internship in 2 weeks and then take my state exams. I couldn't agree with you more on the studying. Good luck!
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    it is soooo easy, it isn't even funny.
    It's almost TOO easy, and hence, there are a lot of wackos out there who are aides (they shouldn't even be flipping hamburgers!).:icon_roll
    The only thing that is possibly hard is getting yourself comfortable touching people. This tends to freak people out. We have to get into a complete stranger's personal space... something we are not used to doing.
    You also need to steel yourself for some of the uglier aspects: bodily fluids, decubes, diseases, etc.
    The rest is common sense and just paying attention.
    I'm sure you'll be fine!

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