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I am currently a Pre-Nursing student. Last summer I decided to take a CNA course so that I could learn more about nursing and better prepare myself for when I become a RN. So I passed my CNA test... Read More

  1. by   jjic3982
    I'm sure your volunteer work will give you a better chance in getting a job there. Best of Luck Raquel.
  2. by   Sunshyne20
    I have great news! I got a call back from the Hospital that I volunteer at for the Nursing Assistant position! I am really nervous, I have to take "pre-interview" testing. What is pre-interview testing all about? what are the specific things they ask? and on top of that...what do i wear? I need tips and advice on everything...Please help.
  3. by   jjic3982
    I'm very happy for you Raquel,
    I advise you to meet with a career counselor at your college or google some helpful career sites.
    But one crucial thing for me as far as interview attire was the tie. I had one interview in my freshmen year of college where I did not wear a tie, the interview mentioned it and said I should wear one next time.
    As for the pre-interview testing, I think it is to make sure your skills are still fresh in your mind. I assume they might make things a little more difficult if their expectations are higher (like if they said 1 year experience preferred then probably yes).
  4. by   Sunshyne20
    Okay thanks! I will check out the career center at my school.

    So I didn't pass the "pre-testing" on Tuesday.
    But they are giving me a second chance to re-take it tomorrow.
    I was very shocked that when they asked me if i wanted to come back and give it another try since I was previously told that I would have to wait 6 months to retake it.

    and the test was very difficult like you mentioned. But atleast I know what I will be exactly tested on.

    I hope I pass!! Thanks again!

  5. by   jjic3982
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do better this time.
  6. by   Sunshyne20
  7. by   ChrisCNA
    nursing home is the best place to start to bulid up exp than we can move to hospitals.So look into nursing homes or even rehab centers even tho thos are harer to get in without exp because they are faster paced than nursing homes, so they want a bit of exp.
  8. by   Nordia
    I live in the bronx ad My last class is tomorrow, with finals, clinicals and state board to come - I am so disheartened.

    Completing a CNA program and trying to get into a school to do pre-reqs for nursing,....with so much talk of no jobs...What hope is there?

    Whats the starting pay rate for a CNA?