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    I am currently a CNA at a small private nursing home. I am so a nursing student at a local college for my LPN-RN. I have been working at this nursing home for a year now and I started on 3rd shift (11pm-7am) and I was told that all CNAs (as I am new, this is my first CNA job) will start on 3rd shift to get the swing of things and gradually step up. I haven't been given that opportunity. I've seen people hired after me move up to day shift and such, but not me. They say I'm loyal to 3rd shift (as I never call out, I don't have children, I never no call no show, and I will come in on shifts i'm not scheduled to come and help out and I always will pick up other shifts.) They say they want one steady "night person" but this isn't working for me. I'm in school, my school days are 8 hours long. I can't keep switching my circadian rhythm up for this job. What should I do? How do I get day shift?

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    I would talk to HR or the DON or whoever does the scheduling and explain your situation. Since you're a loyal employee, in would think that they would worm with you. I know when I wanted to move to 1st shift showers from 2nd shift floor, my DON was willing to work with me. You never know until you ask.
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    I would talk to HR and the supervisor also. Just tell them that due to school you would like to be put on days. If they won't let you, I would be looking elsewhere to work and make sure they know that. Usually if a good nurse/aide threatens to leave they will do anything to keep you there. Most health care places are open to flexible hours/days when someone is in school to better themselves. Good luck.

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