Forgot to wash hands when washing scrubs

  1. I work as a CNA in a nursing home and I am always very good about infection control. This goes for home as well. However today I was in a rush and was sorting my dirty scrubs to put them in the laundry and I forgot to wash my hands afterward! I got distracted and within 10 mins I had started preparing food and had breakfast using my hands. I am so mad at myself! I realized it right afterwards. Do I have anything to worry about? I will make sure not to get distracted next time.
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  3. by   doxielover304
    Don't worry, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Just try not to do it again. Think about it this way... there are germs everywhere. It'd be just as bad if you went to the grocery store, shopping, stopping by a fast food place, and then going home and eating without washin your hands. A lot of people don't wash their hands (even though they definitely should to prevent sickness and spreading their germs) after running a bunch of errands. So don't worry, you'll be fine.
  4. by   nccna
    I agree with Haiden. Also make sure that all food that you prepare is cooked to proper temperature! Nearly all bacteria dies at 180 degrees (I believe) Here is a list of temps that you need to cook to.

    Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures |

    p.s. do a petri dish test on hand washing sometime you'd be surprised at the results.
  5. by   kenyacka
    You will eventually have an amazing immune system. I wouldn't sweat it, just don't make it a habit!
  6. by   1feistymama
    Haiden made me think --- I don't wash after shopping unless I've been shopping in thrift stores or at the flea market. Funny how I equate thrift stores to germs but not "traditional" stores when we all know they are likely crawling with just as many germs.

    Kenyacka had a point, too, about the immune system --- I worked in preschool for several years and now I'm a mom. Those little germ-mongers have really helped me build my immune system over the years.

    Still, I envision jumping in the shower after every shift and definitely needing to wash my hands after dealing with dirty laundry. I make my boys do their own laundry because.....eww......they're boys....between wetting the bed or leaving racing stripes in their underwear...or sweating like a man.....they're just gross. My scrubs may be cleaner than their laundry! hahaha