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  1. Hello all,after going away and trying something new for 3 years i have found the determination to finally go back to becoming a nurse. I have worked 3 years for a cruise line. worked 10 - 12 hr shifts for 7 days a week for 5 months at a time with a 5 week vacation periods in between. I found the strength to finally resign i figured id go back home to Orlando florida enroll in a CNA program, then while working as a CNA enroll in a LPN program before i bridge the gap into an RN program. Ive given my self a plan to follow. i have secured a CNA program and will begin in jan 2013. Now just my luck do i find out that i am 9 weeks pregnant. i am so worried. i feel like everything has to be placed on hold. ANyway I'm asking for some advice. should i continue? i have a wonderful support system which includes my Mom, sisters and boyfriend. Anyone have any similar success stories they would like to share?
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  3. by   benBELLA94

    Hi, power to you. I hope you can succeed. The only thing I can think is for you to begin to take of your prerequisites for the LPN program and for your bridge program. My school requires that you have a year gap after LPN graduation to gain some experience and required subjects before attempting the bridge program.

    Hey, I need some help, I'm walking your path but I guess in reverse. My dream is to work on Cruise Line as a Nurse and Fitness Instructor. I'm currently in LPN school. Any advise about Nursing on a Ship ?.

    Ben (benBELLA94@hotmail.com)
  4. by   lillianbeth
    If you have a good support system, I would recommend you to do the prerequisites to go directly to the RN program. If you really have to work find a job as companion for the elderly, instead of CNA. This is because CNA jobs are too physical for a pregnant woman. I have a friend that worked in a nursing home, got pregnant, lost the child with all the lifting and pulling, etc.. then got pregnant again, asked them to lift the working load a bit, so she could have less patients with total care. They did not do it, she ended up quitting in order to keep her pregnancy. My path was CNA ,LPN, and I am about to do CPNE with Excelsior. I wished I had done the RN program , only, but I did not have a support system, and had to work 3 jobs while in school.( still have 3 jobs). Be aware of schools that charge you a lot of money for CNA courses. Do some research. Also if you do CNA and start working, some companies will pay for the studies after one year working with them. Wish you the best.
  5. by   cnachelsea
    I will be finishing my CNA program NEXT THURSDAY!!!! (Clinicals this week and next week in the hospital then one class in lecture then DONE!) **Happy Dance!!** Anyways. There was a girl in my class who was pregnant. She ended up going into labor, missed ONE LTC clinical(it was a Thursday...had Friday Sat Sunday off) Then was back for the next clinical day on Monday. I couldnt do it. But good luck to you!
  6. by   lmbtdoula
    First of all, congrats on your pregnancy!!!

    Secondly, but no less important, please do yourself and your little one a favor and start chasing your dreams. I am a mother of three teens who put her life pretty much on hold for them. It was great to be home with them, but I would be in a much better financial situation had I kept working and going to school. I'm not saying it will be easy or that you have to work full time, but I know what it feels like to look back over 20 years with regret. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue nursing now. In the end you must do what feels right to you, if you continue it will be challenging, as life always is, but you can do it if you really want to.

    Best of luck and many blessings for a peaceful pregnancy and birth!
  7. by   Petty2618
    Well I had a very bad experience with the first time clincials (passed the written test with 100 percent). I highly recommend going over the clinical check point lists and memorizing all of the steps. Each time you miss a step it is points off which is scored by the computer. My observer had a serious attitude problem and I have requested to be re-tested at a new location with a different observer. I forgot one step (putting shoes back on a resident before transfer) and failed. Everything else was perfect so you have to be prepared. My opinion is that they are trying to fail you, not pass, more money for Prometric who is their employer. It's all about the money and my money is going down the tubes as I continue this process just trying to get employed. I'm into this for over $1,000 and six months later still unemployed. Good luck to you all, keep studying, watching you-tubes, practice and memorize all of the steps. There were also comments made on my scores that were not true but I was told it did not matter because Prometric does not see those. Prometric also told me my application was resubmitted but never received by FL DOH. Still trying to locate my application to re-test and it has been 37 days today. No success yet but they took my money, no problem.