First Day CNA lab class

  1. I just got a worksheet for range of motion. One says to practice on students...So is that something we do when we meet up again? I have one sheet that says practice on students and another that lists all the range of motion and one on what does that range of motion help or do. I am also very excited. I really need to not be so anxious though.
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  3. by   i_love_patient_care
    When I did my CNA we could come to class during certain hours to practice on each other. I also practiced on my mom . For the rest of my skills I made big 5x7 index cards and studied it by myself or with victims, I mean friends. If you can, make flash cards. The skills test was harder than the written because it wasn't multiple choice. I found having it all solid memorized, the nerves didnt make me bomb it.