First CNA job

  1. Well, today was my first day. I got my certificate two weeks ago and instantly applied at two of the nursing homes locally. I got very lucky getting this job. LOL They are not only going to work with me on my school schedule but they are also going to work with me on the weekends I have visitation with my kids.

    So, my complaints? I only have one, but I won't get into it as I can easily remedy the situation.

    I learned how to use the Hoyer lift and the sit-to-stand lift today. I already knew how to use the sit-to-stand and had a general idea on the Hoyer. Used both a little in clinicals. I'm also going to have a little trouble getting to know the residents. I knew a couple of residents, so they were easier to deal with. I also found out that about half the women in the facility don't want a male CNA cleaning them, changing them, or seeing them nude, which I do understand.

    I changed my first dirty diaper today, too. Somehow I made it through clinicals being the only student to not clean up a dirty. I must say, it didn't stink as bad as my daughter's diapers. LOL

    The only down side I have found is that it's been three years since I've had a real job. I wasn't prepared to be on my feet for eight hours straight. LOL I'll get used to it, though. It may have been my shoes, as I usually wear boots (former weldor). It's going to take a little getting used to but I'll be fine.

    So anyone else get their first CNA job lately?
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  3. by   tigerlogic
    A whole 8 hours and you only changed one brief?!

    Good luck with your new job! If you're doing an overlap one of the best things to ask (in my opinion) is how each resident needs to be transferred and bathed. There is so much oral, not otherwise documented, history in nursing homes.

    Have fun and get better shoes!
  4. by   k_girl153
    Congrats on your new job! It's terrific that you landed a job so quickly after getting your license and they are willing to work around your schedule!

    I didn't mind being in a snf. Honestly, I love being around older folks. You can learn so much from them and they are definitely a hoot sometimes! I can't tell you how many times a shift I laughed when talking to them. Getting to know the residents will get easier as time goes on. You have not been there long so you still have time.

    As for your issue....we hired our first male tech at the hospital I work at. Most of the patient population we serve are older apostolic Christians. Many of them are women so they are very choosy as well. He has had a few women who refused to let him bathe them. Usually he would have one of us assist them instead. If the pt was fairly independent he would just set up the water/towels for them and they would do as much as they can. As long as you stay professional it will be fine. Sometimes they will get used to you and will gradually let you do more of their cares.

    Wishing you the best of luck!
  5. by   IftheShoeFits
    Hey! Props to you for changing careers!

    Yesterday was my first day on the job as a nurse assistant and I am changing careers.

    I am working a medical rehab unit. My boss is willing to work with my school scheduling and I have a great fellow nurse assistant who is super knowledgeable and hard working. She is orienting me and showing me the ropes.

    Being a nurse assistant or CNA while in school seems like it is going to help massively for school reasons as the terms and the work will overlap the material for tests.

    I dont know much about being a male and being a nurse, as I am a female, but I have heard that if you are confident and not nervous around patients, and tell them it is just part of your job, more will be accepting. That is not coming from experience though.

    Good luck!
  6. by   redhead31293
    I did my clinicals in a Jewish facility and the rule was that male CNAs could ONLY provide care for male residents. Females could work with both males and females. It was hard for the only male in our CNA class to keep busy because there weren't many males in that nursing home anyway!
    And only one brief??? Our clinicals were only 2 hours a day and sometimes I would change 5 or 6 in that time!! haha!!
    Congrats on your new job, I'm job hunting this week for my first CNA position!! I'm excited/nervous!!!
  7. by   rivershark2005
    Oh, I changed more than one brief, but only one dirty. Wet wasn't that big of a deal but I thought dirty would be alot worse than it was.

    Today was my third day and I must admit I am having fun. I have been asked a few times if I'm a doctor, but from what I hear, that's asked of a lot of male nurses/aides/RTs.

    I have noticed that a couple of the CNAs aren't warming up to me. I worked with one girl both yesterday and today and she doesn't seem to like me all that much. I shouldn't be too surprised, though. From what I've heard, she may actually like me a little too much.

    I was told tonight that I shouldn't catch lights "so close to the end of shift." That perturbed me a little. It was 9:50 and I was helping one lady with her A/C system. I asked the aforementioned CNA if she could catch a light a little further down the hall. She flat out said no. So I came out of the previous resident's room and went down to catch that light. All she wanted was her A/C turned down to cool off the room a little. In and out in 30 seconds. When I got back to the nurse's station, Ms. CNA told me that we don't answer call lights with only ten minutes left on shift. Now, I'm under the impression that we are there to help these people out, to be their caretakers because they can't care for themselves. Even if it had been 2 minutes until shift was over and the resident had needed her brief changed, I would have done it. I'm not going to push something off onto the next shift when it's something I can take care of.

    Perhaps I just needed to vent about that.

    I did notice today that the nurses all seem to really like me. They all know that I'm in school towards my BSN, so I think that may have something to do with it. They know that I'm not just in this for a paycheck, but actually in it to help and get experience. I think that goes pretty far with them. I've had two RNs and one LPN tell me that I am doing an excellent job and that if I keep it up I'll be offered a job as an RN as soon as I pass my NCLEX. Of course, I don't necessarily WANT to work in an LTC as an RN, but if the money's good...

    I have also seemingly been put in charge of taking VS on the hall I'm working. Third day, three days in a row I have been handed a slip of paper with a list of names and told to go get VS. The LPN on the hall I worked tonight seemed a little impressed when I came back to him an hour later with all the VS. That was about 3:30 and he told me he didn't need them until 6 but he thanked me for being very prompt. As far as I can tell, none of the CNAs particularly like taking VS. I love it. Gives me time to talk to individual residents without having to wait on a call light. I spent a little while talking to a lady tonight that has known me since I was born. She was actually the RN in the OR when I was born. She's also a really good friend of my mom's, so she was very surprised when I came to work there. I also got to spend some time with another resident that wanted nothing more than for someone to come in and talk to him. I stayed in his room a little longer than I probably should have, but he really just wanted someone to talk to him.

    Okay, I've written a novel. I've got a meeting with the administrator tomorrow, so I'm going to air my grievances, but without naming names. Luckily I have the chance to actually talk because the administrator is my "aunt." And, no, I haven't told anyone outside of that office that. My interview was kind of neat because of that relationship. I went in and the administrator said she would interview me because the nurse that was supposed to was in a meeting. She sat me down, looked me square in the eyes, and said, "Can you come to orientation at 10:30?" No questions for me, no "why do you want to work her? Why do you want to be a CNA?" or anything like that. Just "When can you start?" I do believe I am getting some preferential treatment because of it, but I'm not going to complain. Other CNAs will, but it is what it is. My direct supervisor told me that she will give me off the two days a week that I can't be there by 2 and that she will schedule me off every other weekend so that I can stay home with my kids. Makes me part-time, but I'm not complaining if I get to spend time with them.

    Okay, that's enough. LOL