1. I took a pct course about 2 years ago and never did anything with it. Lately I have been thinking about getting my license. My problem is that it scares me to think that I might run into a time when I could be responsible for saving someones life. Also starting at a new facility and trying to figure out what the needs of each patient are. Obviously I went to school for a year to do this for a reason. I just need some encouragement. Am i being silly? Thanks!
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  3. by   mvm2
    Not silly at all. There is always going to be times we realize what an important job we all have as being part of the health care feild, and part of that is life and death. I work as a CNA for Home Care, and sometimes I have to go through things in my head such as if while I am with my client and they pass out on me how am I going to handle that. What are the steps will I be taking to do the right things to make sure that help arrives fast. I always realize there may come a day I will have to do CPR or I might have to make sure I am aware of how my client is feeling everyday. Am I seeing anything out of the ordinary such as slured speach, or they seem unsteady today. Always having to have my eyes and ears open to anything that might happen. It can be scary for sure.