Extremely nervous...

  1. I bet threads similar to this have been posted a million times before so sorry in advance..
    I start my first day of orientation at a LTC facility tomorrow and I'm so nervous... what exactly happens when your being oriented? Can anyone give me any pointers to help ease this nervous feeling?
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  3. by   tech1000
    I've only worked in hospitals, but they've both been similar. I had a preceptor that I followed around (they were just other techs) and they showed me what to do. I had experience when I started in both hospitals, so I did what I knew how to do and the techs showed me what I didn't know. Don't be nervous! You should have somebody teaching you what to do.
  4. by   amc911
    I understand your nerves I start my 1st day of class tonight and my stomach is just turning w/nerves, excited, unsure of what to expect etc - start my clinicals at end of month I bet I will be a mess! Good luck!
    Please share how your 1st day went for all of the other newbies
  5. by   teenmommy
    Yeah.. I start in hour, I hope it all goes good
  6. by   fuzzywuzzy
    The worst part is figuring out what to do once you get up there and you're standing around the nursing desk waiting for your trainer to approach you. The rest of the night is just following someone around and helping them with their work but you never do anything by yourself.
  7. by   interceptinglight
    Orientation is piece-a-cake, you probably already know that by now. It's when they turn you loose to be on your own that you get nervous. Never worry though, I promise you'll get lots of practice and it won't be long before you'll start to feel confident. Another thing -- they're not going to expect you to know everything, so if you don't, then don't sweat it.
  8. by   teenmommy
    Well.. i figured out how much running i have to do because the place is so understaffed lol... plus next Saturday im working alone with just one other nurse because theres my towns "river days" and everyone called in.. i only get two 5 minute breaks if I'm lucky, so ill have to keep food in my pocket because I have low blood sugar..
    Other than that everything went pretty good