Which CPR class should I take?

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    I'm getting ready to finish my CNA class but my school currently does not have any CPR classes scheduled. I went to the Red Cross website but they have so many choices of classes. Which one do I need to take? Just adult, or adult, child, and infant? And if you live in Chicago, do you have suggestions for any other places that provide certification? Thanks

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    BLS for healthcare providers. Adult, child, and infant.
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    Thanks caliotter3!
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    Yeah I agree with caliotter3, you will need BLS Health-care Provider. and it has to be from the American Hearth Association. (well that's what they told me when my school requested the CPR) because some other people bring one from the Red Cross and it was rejected. you should asked your school. But I definitely will recommend the American Heart Asst.
    Good Luck!
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