Covenant CNA...legit?

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    Does anyone know if Covenant CNA school in Atlanta, GA is legitimate? I know there are several CNA programs out there and I just want to make sure I am entering a Georgia certified program before I drop over $700. Also, if it is legitimate, has anyone attended their CNA program? I tried searching google for reviews, but only found 3 reviews and they sounded as though the program directors had written them.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    Don't live in Georgia, but I'd check with the state board of nursing to see if the program is state-approved.
  4. by   PBAJS
    I found Covenant CNA School at -

    CNA Certification and Training > CNA Classes by State > Georgia > County- Fulton

    Georgia Health Partnership > Directories > Nurse Aide Training Program > Search for a Program (Atlanta, Georgia, Mile radius: 10)

    More than you asked for - Covenant CNA has been a registered corporation with the Georgia Secretary of State, Corporations Division since May 2005
  5. by   punkake
    Well, I took the C.N.A classes at Covenant and it is a pretty go school. Ms. Monetly the instructor aka (drill Sargent) was very long winded but very understandable, she explained everything well so even if you didn't read the chapter assignment after her lecture you got and understood the info.(Ms.montley aka LLLLLLLLLLLLong WWWWWWWWWinded) i think she likes to here her voice.As far as the price it was a lot more than i expected. OK the course was 600.00 that's what was advertised but they didn't tell you that you had to pay for parking @ building which was 10.00 a day!!!!!!Some people took the train or walked and didn't have to worry about the price of parking but those who drove were so hurt by the price......... Come on 10 whole dollars a day!!!!!! It was Ridiculous. After a week parking, it was lowered to 5.00. per day still a lot but better then $10.00. When i signed up for the class i was assured that the C.N.A course was only 600.00 i wasn't informed that there were extra charges for CPR training which i assumed was apart of tuition and wasn't told other wises till after i was signed up and siting in class.
    The total the C.N.A course came up to be close to $850. Again the actual course is very well put together you will learn a lot. Ms Montely can get a little snappy but over all great school, it just went over my budget..... they should have just advertised the class at $850.........
  6. by   jshorton9269
    im the husband of a student from covanant c.n.a.. is it a lagit school? i can answer that w. this info . when my wife started we were told , if you miss more than a day you have to do it all over ! thats fine bc we do not miss apointments anyway . then they cut her classthats only 5 or 6 weeks long anyway by 7 days ! they all missed out on that info ! then what the dont tell you is , parking comes out of your pocket at a price of believe it or not over 200.00 total from day 1 to test day !!! now, heres the situation that made me write this . mr. motley the director is a liar ! he came to my wife bc she graduated at top of class and said "im sending emory your resume and paper work on monday, congrats." so my wife was trilled . wednesday he still hadnt . thursday she called and he said " what a coincadince im working on your paper now !!! ill send you an e mail in a few " it is now a week later and guess what nothing from mr. motley !!! everyone else has gotten there paper work sent off . but my wife is still opptomistic ! she stands behind this school bc she is loyal, but , me... they lie to you to get your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ then they can do anything and say anything they want !!!! bc they dont do refunds !!!! so yes this school is accredited but its also one big rip off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   ep.hasty
    I got my CNA and PCT certifications there. It had its ups and downs and was expensive, but over all they are dedicated to helping you out if you put in the effort as well. There were times when I was super frustrated, but I wouldn't be at the level I am without Covenant's name and support. Their close relationship with Emory all but guarantees you a chance to work there and you can't as easily start with no experience in many hospitals settings like that. Im undergoing the hiring process with the ICU at Emory and it takes a while. So being patient is key and it is hard to. They are a business and there are some things I do question, but in all, it has been very worth it. Getting to jump into critical care as a Nurse Tech level 2 is a great opportunity on many levels. After working in hospitals and with nursing employees for years, I know that I got this job op because Covenant was on my resume and because they sent it directly to them. If Emory knows you're from Covenant, then you are automatically considered the optimal job candidate.