Confused about CNA written exam practice question.

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    Hi! Can someone explain the logic behind the correct answer being D!?

    All of the following situations are examples of abuse and neglect EXCEPT...

    A . Restraining a client according to a physician's order.
    B . Leaving a client alone in a bathtub.
    C . Threatening to withhold a client's meals.
    D. Leaving a client in a wet and soiled bed.

    I picked A but the answer sheet says the correct answer is D.

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    It should be A. Maybe they made a mistake? I'd bring this to your instructors attention.
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    Quote from havehope
    It should be A. Maybe they made a mistake? I'd bring this to your instructors attention.
    Well, I already finished the course last week, but I did send it to their company Facebook page and sent an inquiring email to the folks who are in charge of testing and putting out the official practice tests. I was positive it was A, too. Cause else everything is abuse/neglect and leaving someone in wet bedding is such a case of neglect and abuse! But I did get a 94% on the practice test cause I counted that as a correct answer. I'm preparing myself for the big test this summer. Written test I'm not too concerned with so I'm turning my attention mostly to practicing the skills. I wonder what five skills I'll get. I know it's like three small and two long and you need to pass every skill and you need an 87% or above to pass the written part.
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    The answer should most definitely be "A" See here:
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    Good luck! It's not that bad. Remember patient safety and privacy :-)

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