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Hello Everyone, I am going to be taking my CNA written exam on Thursday in NJ.I already passed my skills exam... yay!!! I am extremely nervous about the written exam though, and I will just spend all night Wednesday taking... Read More

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    Hey everyone thank you all for your support , I really appreciated it..

    I am so glad I passed and I am an official Licensed CNA yay!!!!!!

    Thank you all!!!
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    being nervous is one of your biggest enemy when it comes to big exams like this, so shake thos combwebs and another thing never cram it never works;study months to weeks in advance if you can, but yes skills is the harest part and where most ppl goof up. To me MY skill validation was at my school and not at a test site so I got lucky, and the test I failed my first time, but re took it 2 months later and passed, dont realli know why I waited so long.
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    thinking more in the question somtimes gets you to fail in the long run
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    the written exam can be just as hard as the skills part, but are where 85 question kinda hard

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