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I went to a training center in the South Florida area today to meet with a representative to begin the CNA program in January, super excited but here is the kicker...the price quoted was 1,800 for a 9 week course (5 days a week)!... Read More

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    I live in PA and am starting a CNA class Jan 3rd. It is through UPMC so it is all paid from them and I will work at one of their LTC facilities when I am finished in four weeks. They pay you while you are in school as well. In April I am starting at their LPN school. There seems to be a lot of LTC facilities around here that will give you the training for free. I had also heard the community college close by offered it for about $700

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    Wow, that's a great opportunity! With the economy as it is I don't think that is available to us here in S. Fl. I look forward to being excepted into a LPN program also for this new year.

    I wish you the best!
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    My training course was 6 weeks long and costed $550, books and state test fee included. $1800 just blows my mind!

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