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Hi I'm going into my freshman year of college and I joined the CNA course at a community college...what is best to do when setting your goal into becoming a registered nurse? I need advice on wether this is a smart decision or if... Read More

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    Quote from rn2be73
    As an aide in a hospital i would much rather work with a nurse that has been a CNA before they became an RN. They are much more willing to help rather than walk to the opposite end of the hall to find me and tell me that "mrs. jones needs to go to the bathroom" when they just walked out of Mrs. Jones' room to come find me!!!

    They all aren't like that but there are a few!! Sorry if that offends someoneShift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
    Yeah that makes no sense it is best to be a CNA first just to learn the respect and aide residents/patients need and I just realized that, thanks I never thought about that. I went to the doctor a couple months ago and asked a lvn or lpn (one of those) some questions and she just told me being a CNA would waist my time and I should jump right to lvn.

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    I was a CNA first and am so glad I was. Keeps me humble. Also, when learning some nursing skills I was ahead in terms of checking vitals, measuring I/O, etc.
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    the med/surg floor i work on actually has student nurses doing clinicals from the school i am attending...All the student nurses and the instructor keep telling me i am ahead of the game because i already am a CNA and know some of the basic stuff already!!

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