CNA state exam, kentucky!

  1. 0 I take my cna exam in a few days, and I have heard they use the same skills each month.
    Has anybody taken the test this month? what were the skills? I am very very nervous about the skills!
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    I got bed pan, walking with a gait belt, and pulse. We had to pick cards and the cards we picked were the skills we would get. Just try to remain calm and if you forget anything they allow you to verbally make it up and the end in most cases. In CA anyway.
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    I took my exam the 17th of May in Madisonville and I had hand washing, weight/height, BP/Pulse/Respirations, Male Perineal care and Mouth care on the unconscious adult!! It really wasn't bad the worst was waiting the 30 days to see if I actually passed. Good Luck to you!!
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    Just wondering if you have taken your exam yet and if so how it went??

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