CNA Skills test! HELP!

  1. I have been a CMA (certified medical assistant) for about 6 years now and just got accepted into nursing school. I have to be a CNA by June 15th and have no time to take the class. I feel fine about the written part its the skills that I am stressing over! If anyone can offer me any suggestions, I would be very grateful! I have been studying hard! I'm taking the exam in NC!

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  3. by   joolia

    My concern for you at this point would not so much be learning the skills, as it would be getting a test date. In FL, you have to apply at least 30 days in advance to get a test date with prometrics. It might be too late for you to get a test date before the 15th.

    If you already have your test date, you can find the list of skills tested on prometric's website. It is different for every state, I believe.
  4. by   kelseyg83
    I'm taking the exam through Promissor - not prometric.
  5. by   Tudder
    I am surprised that you are able to take the test without going through the classes... (did I read that right?) The testing application required a signature of the instructor in order to apply for a testing date. I am in Wisconsin so the rules may be a bit different here, but you will want to double check to make sure that you don't have to complete the classes first.

    I just finished my classes in February and took my promissors test three weeks ago, so I know what you are going through... good luck!
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  6. by   kelseyg83
    Yes, I am able to challenge it. How was the Promissor test skills portion?
  7. by   Tudder
    Well, I don't mean to scare you, but I do want to tell you everything... so here it goes.

    We had to be in our seats by 8:30 in the morning and trust me, they locked the doors at the exact time... you weren't in the room, you didn't take the test.

    There were about 15 of us there for the written portion of the test, and I know for a fact that two of the people there were there on re-tests (previous fails) of those of us there 2 failed (one was a "re-taker"). After the written portion was done, and we all had our scores back, we were divided into separate groups, given 30 minutes each to perform the five skills required. The skills were predetermined for each of us.

    My skills were:
    Handwashing- which everyone has to complete
    Respirations measurement- use a watch with a real second hand, not a digital!!
    Wash face, arm, hand and underarm- "victim" was wearing a gown over her clothes and we used real water... not just pretending.
    ROM one shoulder- simple skill in my book.
    Dress person with right side affected- had "victim" hold rubber glove in affected hand so I didn't forget which side was affected.

    My "victim" which was one of the girls who failed the written test, had to complete the skills test after already knowing she had failed, but since I was now her victim, I can tell you what skills she had"
    Hand washing- obviously.
    Urinary output measurement- apple juice in a bed pan, needed to be measured and disposed of properly.
    brushing teeth- weird for me because I don't think anyone but the dentist has done this in a very very long time!
    Bedpan procedure- don't forget to raise the head of the bed.
    (and I am sorry, but I can't remember the last one she did right now... If I remember it, I will let you know.)

    She did pass her skills test, and all I can give you for a word of advice is to remember K.I.C.K. Knock, Introduce yourself, pull the Curtain, and Know the procedure you are about to do! and then L.C.H. Low bed, Call light and wash Hands before leaving the room.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  8. by   kelseyg83
    Wow! Thank you so much! That will definitely be a big help! Were they very strict about the order?

    Oh - one more question - is it better to study the study packet they give you or the book? I have Mosby's Essentials for Nursing Assistants.
  9. by   joolia
    Nevermind then. I don't know anything about Promissor's test. Do you already have a test date assigned, then?

    I can tell you that for the Prometrics CNA exam, they are incredibly particular about the way that the skills must be performed. I would advise you to study from Promissor's skill sheet, rather than the book, as our instructor explained that often the book and the skill sheet differ (the skill sheet is specific to your state, where as the book will be more generic, so it "fits" better with all the different nuances at the state level) if that makes any sense. The rater will go by the sill sheet - so even if you perform the skill perfectly as dexcribed in your book - if that is not the way it is described on the skill sheet, you will fail.

    Anyway, not meaning to pry or be rude, but I just find it odd that your nursing school would require you to have your CNA before you start, yet they would admit you even though you don't have it - knowing full well that it will be close to impossible for you to complete your CNA between when they admitted you and the start date of your class. I think expecting you to turn around and get your CNA license in 30 days is ridiculous - why even have it as a requirement, if it can't physically be met?

    Oh well. Good luck to you! I will have my fingers crossed for you - it is very very hard to pass as a challenger!!!
  10. by   Tudder
    I would definately recommend that you follow the promissors book because the proctor testing you will be from promissor and will not vary far from the booklet provided. As for the order in which you complete the tasks... doesn't matter (according to my proctor) just so that you get them all done in the time allowed. We had to complete them within 30 minutes, you would do one skill, could look back at the test sheet to see the next skill and then start again as if you were walking into a resident's room for each skill... does that make sense?

    In my state, in order to be on the waiting list to get into the Nursing program (yes, there is a 3 year waiting list to get into the core nursing program!!!) you need to complete the CNA class. You do not need to become certified, only to complete the class. Then the semester before you start the core program classes you need to complete the CPR for Healthcare professionals.

    I have completed all of the general classes, electives and prerequistes needed for graduation, so in August I will start the core nursing program... but over the summer I will need to complete the CPR class.
  11. by   casi
    Definately study from the material you received from the testing company.

    My school required students to have health care experience, but within any area of health care. They also required students to be a CNA by the time they entered the course. I had a few classmates who had other experience that challenged the CNA exam.
  12. by   tryingtobeanurse
    Please study the state testing guide. There is a change in the NC skills in July 2008. So depending on when you get your test date you will need to print the current testing guide. I would be very wary of taking the state exam without the classroom skills training part. I just passed my test. My skills were. 1.Handwashing 2. Measuring urinary output 3. Ted hose 4.Occupied bed 5. Perineal Care. I was extremely nervous and almost ran out of time I only had 4 minutes when I got to Peri Care. ( I had some mechanical malfunctions with the bedrails during the Occupied bed which took up a lot of time). I wish you the best of luck!! :typing
  13. by   sml1970
    well,I was going to challenge the test .. but after reading your post , I have decided to take a class . An RN teaches itand she says her pass rate is high .Im nervous.This is a first step for me at age 37 to accomplish my dream of nursing.Im hoping to get into an LPN class in July 2009.I will be testing with prometrics, I will start my class June 28th and finish end of july. Any advice??? Thanks so much
  14. by   kelseyg83
    well, honestly i'm not all that nervous about it anymore. i have been studying my butt off and feel pretty confident. but that doesn't account for me hating to do this with someone watching my every move !

    i actually talked with my nursing advisor today (i just recently was accepted into the rn program) and asked her some questions about it and she said that the biggest thing that most people fail on is the handwashing because they don't do it long enough! so that was a help - i also asked her if the proctors were really picky on all the steps but she just said not to forget the items that are highlighted in bold in the study guide!

    good luck!:d