1. Hello all, I appologize if this has already been covered, but i was curious if anyone know the pre-reqs needed for CNA. I looked at my CC and the only requirement is eligibility for an English class, and then i need to take 2 more classes: Nursing assistant and Home Health Aide class and that is it from what I can gather. Does that sound right?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Each school sets up its own requirements. Since most community colleges don't give college credit for the CNA course, they usually don't have requirements. Otherwise, the English proficiency requirement would be the most logical one. Call the school and speak to an advisor or consult the catalog listing online for the CNA course.
  4. by   Andrew12
    Actually, I just read that there is a "packet" that i must pick up and that is probably going to have more information. Thanks for you input.