CNA pay of orlando, fl?

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    I live in the Orlando area. I'm looking to find a CNA job that pays more than $9.00 an hour. Are there any facilities or hospitals that pay more like 12-15? I work for a nursing home and brightstar home health and both pay 9.00. What do Florida hospital CNAs make? Osceola regional? Orlando health? I need more than $9.00 an hr to pay for nursing school!

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    Just to give you an idea; in Brevard county, (1.5 hours east of Orlando) when I started as a CNA I made a bit over $9.70 back in 2009. I'm sure they're over $10.00 by now but not much more than that. (I'm not a CNA anymore so I'm not sure). Good luck!
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    Do you know where I can get a job as a cna like what hospital or nursing home are hiring right know

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    Hi can you please tell me how to get hired as cna at hospital or bright star I hear that is a good company thanks

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    No help wow

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    I would start by typing a very nice résumé and applying to all the positions you are interested in and make sure you qualify for. There is not really a "how to get hired" answer to your question other than apply. At least I can't think of any.

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