CNA or EMT while taking nursing pre-requisites? - page 2

I want to work in a health related field while I am doing pre-requisites for a nursing program. I'd like something that will be most valuable in the long run to my nursing career. My brother is an... Read More

  1. by   akulahawkRN
    If your ultimate goal is nursing, I would recommend getting a CNA certificate because the basic skills you learn in CNA school will give you a better handle on the basic skills you learn in nursing school. EMT school is good for learning how to deal with emergency situations, it is not good however for learning how to deal with ADLs and things like that. So the two are very very different.

    Personally, I would suggest starting off with CNA, get a job as a CNA and work in that capacity. Later on down the line, you might consider becoming an EMT and do some work, part-time, and that capacity as well. I would not suggest becoming a paramedic at this point in your schooling because that would add at least a full year on top of what you're doing now. Any advantage that you would get in terms of patient assessments, pharmacology knowledge, pathophysiology, and the like would disappear right around the 2nd or 3rd semester of nursing school if you were a paramedic with no other education.

    Lastly, becoming a CNA is probably the best preparation of the two for nursing because as a CNA, you will see a lot of patients and you will have to learn to prioritize your activities so that you get everything done. As you have probably read by now, learning to prioritize is probably one of the biggest things that nursing students do early on.

    I wish you luck, all the best of it!