CNA only for LTC?

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    my CNA class started this week, and it is alot of fun, but i am a little surprised that all we learn is nursing home care. Even the textbook we have is only about LTC. I thought CNA's can work in hospitals, too? Since its a prereq for the nursing program, i really didnt expect to be so restricted to LTC.
    Also, i read here alot about people buying stethoscopes for CNA purposes, about having to do BP's on the state exam and all that.... here, we do learn how to do BP's but its not part of the state exam.
    How long are CNA courses in other states? Here in MN, they last 4 weeks, with about 60 hours of classroom and 30 hours of clinicals, the whole thing counts as 3 college credits.
    And is there a difference between the titles CNA and NAR? Or is that just a matter of preference?

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  3. by   yousoldtheworld
    You can certainly work in hospitals and other places. Some doctors offices and clinics hire CNAs, as well. I guess the focus is on LTC because it IS the most common job for CNAs, and also most of the skills you need for the majority of CNA jobs are covered when you train for LTC care.

    Our state exam does have BP on it, but for my job, aides do not actually ever take vitals, the nurses do.

    In Indiana, 40 hours of classroom time and 75 hours of clinicals are required.

    i've never heard of NAR. Here, it's either CNA or RCA (resident care aide).
  4. by   casi
    Minnesota curriculum is focused on LTC. Once your certified you can take Acute Care Nursing Assistant courses.

    CNA- certified
    NAR- on registry

    From what I get you complete the course for certification and you take the test to get on the registry. Though the terms are flip-flopped back and forth.
  5. by   kmarie724
    CNA=certifited nursing assistaint-that means that you took the class and passed, but didn't necessarily that the state test
    NAR=Nursing Assistaint, Registered-that means that you passed the state test to get onto the state registry