CNA mandated in NY

  1. Can someone please tell me if this is legal? is this something I should call the dept of health and find out?

    this is in Long Island, NY. I work at a LTC facility (first CNA job) that is union and 8 hr shifts. I work 11-7am.(part time 22.5 hrs week) They ask you to stay at the end of your shift since they are short staffed. I sign a paper stating I cannot do it and the reason(my children need to be watched since my husband goes to work in AM) and was told I can only do this twice and then you get spoken to and suspended. Upon hiring I was NEVER told of this at all!

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  3. by   Sally Lou
    I don't think they can mandate you. New York is not a state that has staffing ratios for CNA's.

    You need to look in the paperwork they gave you when you were hired on their policy's. If they could, it would be stated somewhere and they should have told you this already. I know at my previous job (not as a cna, but in a residential school) we could be mandated because we had to follow the state's staffing ratio.

    I would question why they are short staffed.
  4. by   monters
    thanks, that does make sense since NY has no staffing ratios, they should be just dealing with the number of CNA's they have on shift. My paperwork says nothing about madation. They are shortstaffed because multiple people call in daily.I am so upset since this is my first CNA job and I feel they are very misleading about things. I am still looking elsewhere since I cannot stay somehwere like this, as I have no way of working the morning shift when I am done with my night shift. ugh!