CNA Looking to Challenge the CNA Exam in Florida

  1. 0 I was certified in Florida from 1994-2000 when I transferred my certification to South Carolina. I want to challenge to Florida CNA exam but can not find one reliable link that doesn't expect me to take this course ot that course. Does ANYONE have a link to the direct place where I can apply to challenge the exam. I have 17 years experience. I don't need to take the CNA course. I would be so grateful if someone could give me a lin or a number where I could apply to challenge the test as soon as possible. Also, do I have to get my own background check? In the past the nursing homes did that. Anyhelp would be appreciated.
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    Contact Prometric in Florida. They administer the CNA test. They should be able to direct you on how and if you can challenge the exam, or apply for reciprocity. Good luck.

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