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Hi all. I just received word that a local hospital wants to interview me next week for the CNA position on an onc floor :) at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, IL. She told me to come in to fill out an application (there... Read More

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    Hi sj73201! I was wondering what ever happened with your interview? Were you offered the position? I have an interview for an RN position next week with Ingalls and they said the same thing about bringing cpr card, resume, official nurse license ect. So I'm wondering if that is a good sign. If you were offered the position do you like the hospital? What was the interview like? Good luck with nursing school and the rest of your nursing endeavors!
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    omg! i think they just tell everyone to bring it. the interview was very simple for me, one with hr & i went upstairs after to meet with the floor managers. what floor did u apply for? what shift is the position for?? i really love my floor. very easy going @ times. & its newly remodeled. the other floors i float, not so much..but its not that often that i float.
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    Hi sj, so I received a call yesterday and was offered the job! Yeah the interview wasn't too bad, and I got a really good feel for the hospital. Everyone seemed really nice. The position is an RN position on the med-surg/womens/peds floor. I can't wait to start, new graduate RN positions are really tough to come by in Chicago right now, so I'm just excited to jump in and start working.
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    congrats! so you're a new grad? what school did you come from? & did they give you a start date? you can PM all that info if u like. i just floated over there on Saturday. There's this one nurse on the women's side & she's great! I'm actually on the oncology side of that floor and its on the same floor as yours. hope to see you. & congrats again!
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    Hi! Yes I am a new grad, the market is so tough in Chicago for NG's, so that was really smart of you to find work while in school. Hopefully you can transition to an RN position after graduation on your unit. I graduated from a school in Texas with my BSN. So yeah I'm really excited to start! My start date in July 11. What did you wear to orientation? Also wondering if I need to dress up at all tomorrow when I go to sign papers...
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    to sign papers...i wore casual but not too're gonna be there (or at least i was) for 4 hrs...but it might be different for you at this time. when i was hired, about 10 CNAs were there to do the physical and everything. when u get to HR for your papers, u will get the biggest stack lol. umm for orientation, we were there from 8 to 4 for general. Nursing orientation was 2 more days from 8 to 4. but u will get all that tomorrow.

    you will be working on 4 east...i work on the other side on 4 west

    & if you don't mind...would you be able to let me know the starting pay there for new grads with no experience?
    Congrats again! you'll love it...almost everyone speaks & you'll make friends quick
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    I should probably PM this but I can't figure out how lol...but starting pay is $26 and $29 for nights. That is the same as Loyola, I had an interview there. So they pay pretty well! I took care of everything yesterday and it was pretty much as you said. Just looking forward to July now.
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    Good morning, I would ask if you can recommend some sites where you can apply for a CNA job, I got my license two months ago but before he had worked in the care of older people with health problems.

    I am in Florida.

    Thank you very much for your information and help.

    I applied for several jobs but have not received any response from these companies so I'm worried and not others to develop strategies to successfully find a job soon appreciate your help.

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