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CNA Hospital Job? Help.

  1. 0 Hello all! I recently passed my Nursing Assistant exam in Washington State. I am a part-time student taking prerequisites for nursing school and am looking for an evening/night job as a CNA in a hospital. Has anyone had success finding a hospital job right after being certified? It seems like hospitals are looking for experienced CNAs. I know I would have an easier time (probably, maybe) finding a job at a nursing home, and while I love love love the elderly...I really want that hospital experience. Since I don't NEED a job right now (I have another part time job as a legal assistant during the day) I'm willing to hold out for a hospital job, and I've applied to the ones that require experience anyway, just in case! I'm hoping my persistence pays off...but I am a little worried that I won't be able to find anything because of my lack of experience. Anyone have any luck with this? Whether in Washington or another state, I'm just curious
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    I don't live in Washington state, so I don't know what the situation is there. Here in California, there's CNAs and PCAs. CNAs can work in hospitals, but here it's usually after about at least a year's worth of experience in a skilled nursing facility or nursing home. PCAs (patient care technician) are usually able to get a job in a hospital right after their cert, but it seems like those programs are harder to find and are competitive to get into. Hope that helps.
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    I am starting a new CNA job at a hospital next week and I dont have any experience as a CNA. I was in a similar boat to you. I wanted a job at the hospital but thought they wanted people with experience. I do have experience doing one-on-one in home caregiving but not as a CNA. I worked really hard on my application and resume to emphasize how my skills and personality would be a good fit for being a hospital CNA. I worked on my interview skills and made sure I was dressed professionally. I got an interview at the hospital but still thought they would hire someone with CNA experience over me BUT I had a great interview and really clicked with the nurse manager. I was hired on the spot. So its not impossible to get a hospital job without CNA experience. I am a male and have caregiving experience so I don't know how much those things factored in. I recommend putting a lot of effort into the application and interview process.

    Its been almost a year since my CNA class so I am a bit nervous about whether or not I am prepared for the job but hopefully there will be some good on the job training. Good luck in your job search! (BTW I am a Washingtonian as well)
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    Thank you both for sharing your experiences. It was very helpful! Thank you, Mindy, for explaining the difference between PCAs and CNAs (I've been a little confused about that!). Knightr4, congratulations on the job That's really exciting and gives me a little bit more hope that I might be able to find a hospital job too!! I'm sure you'll do awesome!! Are you trying to go on to nursing school as well?
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    Yes I am going on for my RN. I have my application in for a 2 year community college program that would start in the fall. If I get in I will probably try and keep the job at the hospital but only work part time so I have a foot in the door there. If I don't get in this time around, it would not hurt my career to work in the hospital as a CNA for a year and get to know that setting and what being an RN is all about.
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    That's awesome! I hope you get in, but either way you should be just fine. More experience never hurts! I'm going for my RN as well...but that's down the road a bit since I need quite a few prereqs. Good luck!!