CNA Courses in Abilene Texas

  1. Hi I am a military wife and we will be moving to Abilene Texas in a month, I will be enrolling in courses for my LVN and then my RN in January, but I am interested in taking the CNA course so I can start working in the medical field to gain experience. I have searched all over and not found when I can take this course in Abilene Texas. If any one knows any information, it would truely help! Thanks!
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  3. by   abigrace
    Welcome to Abilene (soon)! I live in Abilene and will start my CNA class in a couple weeks at Hendrick Medical Center. The way it works there is they hire you as a CNA, then put you through the 2.5 week class there at the hospital. So, the first step would be to apply as a CNA at Hendrick. They have a website with job listings here: The class is offered once every month, excluding a few months like December, August...for school reasons, I think. The only other place in Abilene that offers CNA classes that I'm aware of is the Sears-Methodists nursing home network, and they do it the same way...hire you as a CNA, then put you through the class. Good luck!
  4. by   avahsmommy
    Thanks I looked on their website but the CNA jobs they are hiring for say you have to have your CNA already, do I just apply anyways?
  5. by   avahsmommy
    Oh yeah and thank you so much for the response!
  6. by   abigrace
    Yes, just apply anyway. I'm sure some people who apply there are already certified, but the majority of the people who work as CNA's there also get trained there. When someone from human resources calls (which took a long time for me, hopefully it will be quicker for you) just tell them you want to take the class with them. You just won't be able to start working until it's finished. The class is for 2.5 weeks 8:00am-4:30pm. Mine starts Sept 9., so the next one should be around that same time in Oct, and again in Nov.
  7. by   KikiMay
    I just did the same thing and I am in the same path as you! just inform us if Hedndricks calls you!
    I applied also at Sears Methodist Center today!