Cna classes-what to expect?

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    I start a 3 week cna course at a ltc facility in a couple weeks. The first week is classroom and the last two are clinicals. I've not been given really any info on what to expect. Can anyone describe to me what I'll be doing both in the classroom and my clinicals? I mean will I have a book will I have homework will I have tests? What do I do in clinicals? Do I follow people around what do I do? I'm just really scared of the the whole process because I don't know anything.

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    Classroom: learn terminology you will need on the job and basic info about patient care. How to do vitals and skills. This stuff is not that hard, but pay attention. If you passed drivers Ed you will be fine. In the classroom you will also practice skills on classmates. This is part of the skills test to get certified. YouTube CNA skills to see what I mean.Clinicals: Observing actual CNAs on the job. Then when the instructor feels you're ready, you help them with these tasks. Bathing residents in the shower and the bed. Transferring them from bed to wheelchair. Weighing them. Helping them eat. Toileting them and changing briefs (pc term for diaper). Charting. Taking vital signs. Proper hand washing. Most people can pass it if they study and pay attention. You'll do fine.
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    If I were you I would go to the Board of Nursing (I believe this is the site) or maybe its the Pearson website of your state and find the skills that you will have to learn before you pass the exam. That way you will get an idea of what you will be doing in clinical and learning in the classroom.

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