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I was enrolled in a community college for this fall to take pre nursing courses full time. The CNA class that I also enrolled in was at the same comm college and they just notified me that I can not do both. I called and asked... Read More

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    I took my 5 credit hour CNA class along with 15 credit hours of other classes, but without working. It was a super tough semester. Of course, the CNA class was only 5 weeks, but it was 8 hours a day/3 days a week. For that 5 weeks, I thought I was going to lose it. I scheduled it at the beginning of the semester, when my other classes would be a little easier. It can be done, I just wouldn't really recommend it if you're also working.

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    Thank you everyone for your input! It was very helpful. I ended up dropping a class and signing up for a CNA program elsewhere. Now Im happy! Everything ended up working out
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    Check out your state's board of nursing and see if there are any other approved CNA courses near you - maybe at a stand-alone nursing assistant school. I found one that is only a month long, which I am taking during my summer break before regular classes start, and it is a lot cheaper than the one at my CC. Just a thought.

    Also, if it's not absolutely dire that you take the class right now, assuming you'll be in your nursing program in a year or two, you can get your CNA license and work as a nursing student after you take that first med-surg class anyway. You've got options

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