Cant find CNA JOB NYC

  1. 0 I have had my CNA license since July of this year and I have not found a job yet. I am at a job that I am miserable at (retail) and I really want to work as a Cna while I go to nursing school (spring 2013). I am really starting to get depressed and discouraged and feel as if I wasted my time. If anyone has any advice or any job leads in nursing homes in New York City please let me know. I am getting ready to work as a home health aide which I really dont want do because I want to get the feel of working with multiple clients. I have nothing against being a HHA but I am so desperate to leave my job that I am at now that I will do this, atleast I am caring for someone u kno doing something I want to do. Please any advice, anything. Thanks I feel so discouraged
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    I have applied to jobs, went to agencies, everything even followed up on applications I dropped off

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