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Serious question, Can you use on a resume "nursing assistant" to prove that you at least finished school even though you did not pass? :no: Am I in a better position to get a caregiver job over someone who did not attend cna... Read More

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    If you didn't pass the exam, you're not a CNA...So no.
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    Actuaaaaallllly... You technically are if you passed the class, but you are just not certified. That's what the C is for in NA. When my license expired, I still considered myself a CNA, even after having to retest because I waited too late to renew. You can just say your a nurse assistant as they work in retirement homes and in home care without being certified (the state doesn't mandate this because it'd cost them more to pay the wage of a CNA than a NA).
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    I'm thinking you could still put "completed Nursing assistant training, certification pending"
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    On my resume I have my CNA training listed under the education section (with the facility and period of time it was completed) along with my other degrees. Then I have my certification listed under a separate section for certifications, along with my certification in BLS and such. You can do that?