Can I retake the skills I failed on the CNA Exam.... or nah?

  1. I need help folks. I took my CNA Exam yesterday. I passed the written test with ease. But, I failed the skill test. I was failed on hand washing and finger/nail care. With the hand washing, it was stated that I did not wash for 20 seconds and I did not use friction. I'm confused and bothered this because I DID wash for 20 seconds and was pretty rough on myself in the lathering. But, it's my word versus the proctor and, let's be honest, her word is final. Now, with the finger/nail care, I admit that I drew a complete blank. While preforming the skill, I jogged my memory and did it to the best of my ability. I missed about five steps. I felt I didn't do well. Now, I know I didn't lol. I'm saddened by this. I worked hard. And as someone who suffered a major stroke earlier this year, I wanted to bounce back and knock it out the park. But, I am proud that I did as well as I have. I just want to do better. I want to retake that skills test. My question is... am I allowed to retake the parts I failed or am I given a whole new selection of skills? All input, advice and help is appreciated.