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in order to streamline the threads on this topic, i ask that everyone that passes their nursing assistant certification test to please post it in this thread as oppose to starting a separate one. i appreciate everyone's help with... Read More

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    Woot Woot! I passed my CNA test Aug. 31st, 2010. Along with handwashing, I had measuring respirations, ambulating a patient, Leg ROM, and pericare for a female.

    I was about to return to a 3rd shift part-time CNA position, but was just offered a scheduling job for a home health care agency. Not only do I get to sleep the same hours as most humans, I will also get some studying time while I answer phones at a front desk.


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    Passed mine today- one less thing to stress over! It's also my first official "certification" ever!
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    I just passed my state board CNA exam! on to my lpn
    Any one has a recommendation for a great place to work for as cna in the albany,NY area?
    Also how do i transfer my license from one state to another, where do I go? who do I call?
    I did pass my exam in MA and have moved to NY.
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    It's been ages since I've posted anything here, but I've been reading alot of the messages. My class finished back in June, and due to scheduling I just took my test in September. I just got my results today and I PASSED!!! Yaay!! I'm sooooo excited.
    And now the real fun starts...hopefully nursing school will be following real soon.
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    It's my first ever certification too, it's so exciting isn't it!

    Congrats to you, and to everyone else that has passed recently!!

    Yaaay us!!!!
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    Passed mine today, October 1st )))))
    Was soooo nervous because our tester is a "new" tester and doesn't cut any breaks. I had 5 skills: Handwashing, Communicating w/ resident during care, denture care, ROM, and make unoccupied bed. Pretty easy list I would say, I passed it all
    First stepping stone in my future career, DONE!
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    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting to this section, I'm a student in my last month of school for LVN, but I just took and passed my CNA test today, I'm very excited. I had hand-washing, gowning and gloving, assisting a resident to walk with a gait belt and mouth care of an unconscious patient. I just really wanna find a job now!
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    Passed my CNA state exam!!! Woo Hoo!!! I had Handwashing, blood pressure, mouthcare - comatose resident, Bedpan output, Antiembolic stockings. Soooo glad I passed!
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    Congratulations everyone! I passed on the first try on Oct. 3rd, 2010! Wohoo, my very first certification. I got hand wash, measure weight, range of motion on the leg and ankle, fingernail care, and apply stocking. I am so happy when I saw my name in the state registry.
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    FINALLY I get to post here!!

    I passed!!!!! I am now a fresh CNA.

    I had female pericare, handwashing, communication, making an occupied bed, and blood pressure. I was supposed to get a complete bed bath (YIKES) but there wasn't anyone available to do it on so they changed it to pericare.

    So now the job hunt begins... I start RN school in January so I am hoping to find PRN work somewhere.

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