An MA thinking making a career change :( to Health Information or Coding??

  1. I graduated from Everest four years and have worked in a Physical Therapy office since about six months after I finished school. Im sooo thankful for my employer and his assistance but I don't see any real growth so Im considering a change to Health Information or Medical Coding. I've heard horror stories about coding graduates not finding employment so I can't quite decide. I'd like to have the freedom to work in an office or hospital setting. Id truly appreciate any feedback
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  3. by   Madras
    Dream higher OP!!!!! If you want to do health information technology or management consider going back to school and getting a bachelors degree in either/or. Toss medical billing and coding out the window. It won't get you any further than where you are now. If its clinical thats your forte why not consider registered nurse, physicians assistant, or even physical therapy since you already are experiencing that world. Occupational therapy and speech pathology are also winners these days! I'm a MA going into nursing school, RN, please don't do LPN there's no point for MA's to do that, im a preceptor for student externs and I always tell my students, enroll in local community college take your basics and ace everything and when u figure out what your ready for you will have the grades to compete for a program. Good luck! My first preceptor, a PA threw it down like this.... " no point in throwing certification on top of certification, it's not a substitute for a real degree"
  4. by   Mijourney
    Yes, Pink. Dream higher. Ready yourself for potentially bigger opportunities which may include coding but go beyond. If you think that you may want to work in nursing coordination or management, go for that BSN or MSN. Go for that therapy degree or other allied health degree. Everything is tight now, so new graduates from most diciplines are experiencing difficulty finding an entry level position. Be ready to relocate for a year or two for that entry level job, if need be, until you get experience to come back home.