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OK, I want to know if any of you can top this: A resident in the dementia unit where I work broke the all-time toileting record today. She was toileted a whopping total of 14 times during my 8 hour shift. I am not at all... Read More

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    Quote from lrlat
    Been there!
    haha, interesting~~~

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    She went home. The bedpan queen went home. I hope the husband has extra sheets.
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    Its common to get residents who are fixated with having to go to the toilet, or having a BM. We have always have a couple like that. One of them will say they have to pee, you toilet them, then 2 minutes later they ring again and say they have to have a BM, and so it goes the entire shift. We have one resident who will ring constantly to be toileted, and will call their family on their room phone if they arent toileted immediately. If it happens to someone who normally doesnt have this fixation obviously you think UTI.
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    Can anyone say PSYCH EVAL?!?!?!?! lol I was going to say maybe just take a few minutes to sit and chat with her(crazy, I know) because maybe she just wants some attention, but if she's afraid to leave her room because of her frequent trips to the BR, I would say there's something wrong with that picture (either mentally or urologically!)

    On a side note, I absolutely DO NOT think it's "abuse" to tell your resident/pt who calls for you with ridiculous requests that you DO have other pts to care forů they need a good reminder sometimes!

    Good luck!

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