Affordable CNA Programs in DFW Area

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    I am former CNA under expired status that is looking to re-certify. I have decided to take a CNA course as opposed to just taking the exam because it has been a while since I was employed. I have already gone through the necessary steps with DADS and have been approved to re-certify. Now, my issue is cost. When I obtained my certification back in the day (2005), the course, textbooks, scrubs, an state examination were free through the nursing home. Unfortunately, training programs through nursing homes are basically extinct. I called a few sites that have been approved by DADS and I am shocked at how expensive the courses are. Does anyone know of an affordable CNA Program in the North Texas area (DFW)? So far the least expensive program I have found is around $700, which is ridiculously costly. I plan to take my TEAS this summer so I am strapped for cash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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