1. 0 Who all has taken the AAMA exam to become a certified medical assistant? Is it a really hard exam?? Need help! I'm freaking out!
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    I'm MA too but I never take AAMA. I have no idea if its hard or easy
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    So your not a certified one yet?
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    Hey there!

    I am a Registered MA, although I am not certified, I think the exams may be similar? When are you taking your exam? I think it was 200 questions (I took mine late March of last year and passed on the first try). I did not study too much, mainly because I had real life experiences from my previous medical position while I was enlisted. Anyway, I'd love to help in anyway that I can!
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    What usually in the test? What questions they ask?
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    Quote from vanie29
    What usually in the test? What questions they ask?
    We cannot reveal actual exam content as that is academic dishonesty. You can probably get a pretty good idea how to study for the test with your study guides for the certification examination. Good luck.
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    I took it today and didn't pass it "/ mainly because the power went out and while the computers shut off my timer was still going. When it came back on I had like 9 minutes to finish tons of questions and I freaked
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    Im an ma to i havent took the AAMA i took NAHP and plan on taking the AMT but i heard the AAMA is really hard my teacher told me and a friend of mine told me but long as u study u should be alright
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    Yeah you def have to study...ever since I graduated my head has been in the books.

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